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September 10, 2012
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A conservative who happened along my "gun loving liberal" pieces asked me what got me into weapons since "most liberals want everyone's guns taken away because they believe that this will create a safe world" I will touch on that a bit later… but I must say that I never really gave much thought to it if I can be honest; he also asked me some questions which I will post throughout this and answer them…

Here are the pieces that he read:…
Liberals and Gun Ownership…
Gun Loving Liberal

There are many a reasons why I have always been a fan of guns. One, as I spoke of in the pieces linked above, I do not think it is a matter of liking guns, or disliking guns. I think it is a matter of personal experience with guns, and others having no experience with them.

If you were brought up in an area where guns were either not allowed your family never had them, then you may not feel comfortable around handguns; especially if you have been the victim of or know someone who was a victim of gun violence then you may not be comfortable around guns.

Conversely if you were brought up around guns, or seeing guns was a normal way of life around your home or family and it becomes quite normal to see them, then you would feel much more comfortable around them and not so squeamish.

For me, I have always been around guns, legal and illegal. I grew up in Harlem, New York; so seeing people with illegal firearms was not a rare occasion. Yet when it comes to my family, my father is a Vietnam Veteran and a retired US Marine, as well as after he got out of the military he became and NYPD Officer, at 70 now, he is of course retired yet still has many guns, all legally owned of course. I also have a huge family of military men and women, law enforcements [police officers] as well as family in an array of federal agencies, FBI, CIA, ATF, etc… so I was always use to my family members carrying guns at family gatherings such as reunions and things of that nature when I was very small kid.

My father taught me since I was like 6 or 7 how to hold a gun properly, how to aim.. I had went to the range with him for quite some time and had other family that would take me to the range with them and teach me proper safety for the next few years. It was not until the age of 11 that I was actually allowed to shoot the gun [the particular range had rules about no kids under 10 allowed to handle guns, and kids 10+ could with adult supervision and as long as they understood the basic rules] at around this age, and after years of being taught safety rules, proper way of handling guns, how to aim, how to shoot … During this time, while very different than an actual gun, I was into paintball guns and while the blowback of paintball guns are nothing compared to real firearms, it did teach me how to aim at a target, both moving and still targets and hit them with accuracy. I also shot BB Guns as well and could hit my target with accuracy so when I finally was ready to shoot a real gun, after a few shots I got the hang of it pretty quickly and was able to shoot moving and still targets with accuracy.

Over the next few years I have shot pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns and many types of guns allowed for civilian use…and a few military weapons thanks to a few relatives in the military who allowed me to fire their firearms, which was pretty cool.

Since I titled this piece "Emanon and Weapons" and not just Emanon and guns, I figured I would step away from his question and say some of the other types of weapons that I am familiar with:

An uncle of mine spent about 4 or 5 years traveling across Asia and Africa and when he got back, more-so as a hobby than anything he had picked up, or rather was taught how to use a blowgun, I have tried it but was not as efficient nor experienced as he was and to be honest, sucked at it…

That same uncle was a big hunter, he had a general rule [which a friend's dad has a similar rule] that the only meat he would eat is something he has killed himself. While when proof reading this for me a friend was opposed to hunting, but to be honest, I can honestly respect someone much more who would rather only eat what they kill themselves than the easier way of just going to the store, and picking up whatever meat you want… but anyway, this uncle, who pretty much hunted deer from what I can recall, would use bows and arrows and rarely used guns, he would say while a gun of course is easier, and more accurate for a simple head shot that he liked to "work up an appetite" for which I took as he liked the actual hunt.. but anyway, I was always fascinated with bows and arrows when reading about their historical military usage. So I asked him to train me how to use it, it was a lot harder than I had thought. He made it look rather easy so it did take me some months to hit my target more often than not and a few months more to have about 70-80% accuracy on still targets and about 30-50% depending on the speed of a moving target…

He taught me how to use crossbows as well as the normal type of bow… personally I prefer regular bows to crossbows, easier to handle, easier to load and in my opinion, greater ability when it comes to shooting and handling, as with most things, this is just my opinion of course.

We bring us to my final piece of weapon enjoyment, I am a huge fan of and collector of blades, blades weapons are amongst some of my favorite forms of old time enjoyment. From sword fighting or fencing I have always enjoyed the idea of it all. I own several daggers and swords and am skilled in their use… I am quite skilled in throwing knives and hitting the target quite accurately … to date I have only tried on still and very slow moving targets.

Now, now that I have bored you with my enjoyment of history and use of weaponry, now to address his questions to which, now makes me question if he even read the pieces he cited or did he just look at the titles and make up his own mind as to what they meant.

As per his premise of most liberals, I am not ignorant enough to say that I know what most liberals want. I can only speak for me. I have never had any issue with people owning guns, in fact I think more people should learn the proper use for guns and that they are not toys. As a boy I was never given toy guns by my father [though did play with them from others outside… boys will be boys] he did this because he wanted to instill early on that guns are not toys. That if you point and shoot it will not be water, it will not be some Styrofoam bullet that it would be something that could possibly kill another individual.

So, to try and answer this man's question on what "most liberals want" I can say I am not, and I know of no one who is best equipped to know what "most" of a political group want, especially liberals which if you can say anything about us, we are not homogenous in our pursuits, nor so steadfast in ideas that have been shown not to work as our conservative counterparts are [yeah, yeah I had to say that pun].

I do not believe most liberals are naïve enough to think that if they only got rid of all guns the world would be a safe place. I believe in America, I, like many other liberals ask for sensible gun laws, not the outlawing of guns. I want background checks to make sure that there are no violent felons getting guns, especially anyone who has harmed a child. I, as many liberals I know, want to make sure that the people who wish to own guns are mentally stable.

I do not think these are liberal positions, just logical ones. I am a liberal, progressive, and democratic socialist and I know conservatives who would oppose the policies I want with respect to education, health care , yet even they have no real disagreement with my gun policy. I do not think any gun owner would have an issue with me saying violent felons should not own guns, nor should the mentally unstable.

Another question he asked is "do you own guns?" No I do not know, New York City is very strict when it comes to gun ownership. They do allow you to own guns to protect your own home, and to keep on your property so when I move I do plan to get the permit and get a firearm.

Ironically enough, in New York, some of the strictest gun laws were not passed by liberals; they were passed by our Republican Governors and mayors. Governor Pataki in 2000 passed a gun law that was said to be one of the strictest gun laws in the nation. Mayor Giuliani, also a Republican.." whose administration sued 26 gun manufacturers in June 2000, and whose police commissioner, Howard Safir, proposed a nationwide plan for gun licensing, complete with yearly "safety" inspections."…

So this idea that it is liberals that wish to outlaw guns is laughable. We can look at Reagan and his signing of the Mulford Act which banned the carrying of firearms in California. We can look President George H. W. Bush who signed a law prohibiting the import of Assault Weapons, and saying Americans should only be allowed "weapons suitable for "sporting purposes."".

I am not one of those who believe if we get stricter gun laws that would decrease crime. I want sensible gun laws, I do not believe someone should be able to go into a shop and buy semiautomatic guns with no real explanation, or buy thousands of rounds… as stated I come from a military and hunting family and the truth is… if it takes you 10 shots to shoot a target of mass stature such as a human in a life or death situation, assuming they are not hiding behind something, then perhaps shooting is not for you.

As someone who advocates for gun safety and proper use, as well as shooting with accuracy to ensure that you hit your target, where you intended to hit your target and that no innocent bystanders are hit with your bullet…or weapon of choice.

So this idea that I want to ban guns is laughable. As I said above, I grew up in an area where illegal guns were quite a normal thing and it would be foolish of me to say if you make gun laws more and more, strict that people who do not even follow the law would adhere to these rules. So I am not one of those liberals that says BAN ALL GUNS…. Because I do not see the point that is making.

Though honestly, the issue for me is not guns, it is poverty and education, if you address these two key things I think it would go far with decrease the crime rate. As we know, the lower the average income of an area, and the more populated that it is, generally has both higher crime rates and not as good of an education system.

The Constitution of the United States guarantees to you the right to bear arms… You have the unquestioned right, under the law, to defend your life and protect the sanctity of your fireside. Failing in either, you are a coward and a craven and undeserving of the name of man.
-Eugene V. Debs

Oh noes, a socialist said you have the right to bear arms and that you should, how dare these evil leftists say you have a right to protect yourself with a gun.. evil leftist…

Okay I will leave this open for now, he did ask another question about my experience with weapons but I think I answered that above… yes, this ended kind of abruptly and perhaps when I link him to this, if he has more questions I will add it onto this piece… or if someone else has any questions about it… I may add it to this piece as well.

///back to my liberal, progressive, democratic socialist-national conservatism cave..
Liberals and Gun Ownership

Gun Loving Liberal

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Let knowledge be that truth, which portrays humanity, condemns malevolence; that respects the differences in others while abandoning the hatred and misconceptions of the past.
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Suffer360 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
I have a Marxist Leninist friend who believes the right to bear arms. Gun control certainly doesn't seem like a left or right problem. 

Gun control doesn't seem to have that huge effect on on crime. It's political and economic conditions of a country that have the real effect on crime rate. This is true when it comes to California. Especially L.A.
AtheosEmanon Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, gun control is not a right or left issue; it is a comfort issue. If you are comfortable around guns and have been around them throughout your life, you are less likely to be for more and more restrictive means.

I personally run on facts and statistics not emotion.... when I hear some dems say 1000 PEOPLE PER YEAR ARE SHOT BY ASSAULT RIFLES, many people say AW!!!!!! BAN THEM.. i look at the stats,

It is true that 1,000 people per year are shot by assault rifles according to the FBI. Their numbers state that out of the 100,000 people shot per year, 4% [4,000] are shot with a rifle of any kind and 25% of that 4% are shot with assault rifles....

Yet, there are 4 million assault weapons in America... thee are over 2M assault rifles specifically, and 200K sold every year... so ... if you have 2M assault rifles and 200K sold per year... if only 1,000 people are sot per year with them then it does not seem to be a gun problem

America has 120-160M gun owners, yet only 100K people shot each year, that is less than a tenth of 1% doing the shooting so 99.99% of gun owners shoot no one.

I find dems especially a bit hypocritical, they want to go after "Assault Rifles" which are responsible for 1% of those shot a year yet claim not to want to take away your pistols and small arms.. pistols alone are responsible for 60-80% of the 100K people shot per year...

Personally I am against any gun and ammo is clear if only a tenth of 1% of gun owners are doing the shootings that the issue is not the gun, but the individual
I shall stop here before I start rambling even more...
Suffer360 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
It's amazing what I can learn from you just by making a few statements. Hahahaha
AtheosEmanon Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:thumbsup: I tend to ramble a lot. in the previous comment I meant 60-70% not 60-80%. Pistols generally are responsible for more shootings than all the other guns combined in America.. yet dems never say much about pistols and go after the "scary looking" guns. Which is why I am personally against any and all gun bans..especially when only a tenth of 1% are shooting people with them

If they could show a direct correlation with large stats.. such as 51% or some significant percentage of a certain type of gun were used in crime, I would consider restricting it yet when only at tenth of 1% of those that own that gun shoot people.. it then seems dumb fuck to take it away from the other 99.99% who do nothing wrong..

[then there is my zombie apocalypse obsession but that is for another discussion bwhaha
Suffer360 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
Rambling can be a good thing if you're throwing out facts and why the opposition is legitimately wrong. I think it's all about background checks when it comes to keeping the wrong people from using guns. However, there's always going to be some tragedy that's going to happen regardless. But that tragedy shouldn't be a excuse to propose gun restrictions. These things just happen.

It's completely unfair to punish the HUGE majority of guns owners for something that a fucked up individual did. Restricting certain guns that have a higher percentage of killing seems to be a better idea. Honestly, not sure if I would trust someone with an AK-47. Perhaps it's the videos of insurgents with Aks' that made me a little paranoid about them.

When I was younger, I was obsessed with zombies. But yeah, that's another discussion. Haha
AtheosEmanon Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I am more than fine wit background checks and even strong mental health system to ensure we try to lessen the likelihood of those who should not have guns, getting them. Granted if someone REALLY wants a gun then there will always be a way for them to get it but that does not mean we have to make it easy.  I have always been against gun and ammo bans because when they show stats it is always some asinine percentage like 1% doing wrong and they go SEE!!!! 1% OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE THIS GUN WILL USE IT INAPPROPRIATELY!!!! WE MUST BAN IT... so 99% will do nothing wrong and we have to ban it for them as well...

I have fired AK-47, and thanks to military family I have fired many guns that are banned for public but okay for military... even so, I would not want even those banned. Ask any gang member, ask any person who commits crimes... they do not want AK-47 and that crap.. they want pistols mostly, something that can deal damage but most importantly something that can easily be concealed. That is why most shootings, 60-70% are done with pistols with another 5-10% being done with basically about 80% are done by small arms... so this idea of banning the scary looking guns because they can be used for crime.. is not a good argument for me.

Granted, I ADMIT that AK-47 etc is not for hunting or anything but the idea of ... WELL WHAT DO YOU NEED WITH IT being an emphasis as to whether or not it is banned is not a good argument. No one "needs" a gun, but that does not mean because 1% may do something wrong that it should be banned for everyone.

I have always liked guns, I come from a huge military and law enforcement family [cops, DEA, FBI, CIA, Secret Service etc] so I have been around guns all my life..... yet I have always loved zombie films as well and well..guns were always valuable tools :P
Suffer360 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
I have yet to fire an assault rifle. Perhaps that's why I'm a little wary about AK-47s'. But I have fired rifles like the M1 Grand and some pretty heavy pistols though. Including the amazing M1911. *drools* I love .45s'. Anyways, it's true that gangsters would usually only want pistols. They want guns that they can quickly pull out of nowhere to kill other gang members or officers.

Sounds like you were raised in a pretty interesting life style. My family is just starting to have an increase in involvement in the military. 
AtheosEmanon Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yup, They want something that they can shoot someone, tuck it back into their pants and walk off without bringing much suspicion to themselves.. yet there is no real way to conceal an AK-47.. even if you have it, unloaded down your legs it would be rather difficult to run with that thing and when you are in a tight spot, it is a large gun thus more difficult to just pull from some place on your body and shoot.. which is why I would not care if they are not banned... I know SOME not all or even most but some of the Democrats I see on TV speak to us having a gun problem.. it seems to me if 99.99% of people who own guns are not shooting anyone or themselves.. and 0.01% are .. it seems we have a criminal problem, not a gun problem.

My family is a bit funny, my father's side is all pretty much upper middle class, so doctors, lawyers, judges, military, cops, federal agents, etc.. while my mother's side is somewhat lower-middle class and yet a good amount of them are criminals so I have seen both sides. Which is why I am against banning but am also against handing them out like candy because.. a criminal if they really want a gun will get a gun so more and more restrictions just makes it harder for law biding citizens to get guns
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MechaTails7218 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012
Funny, and unsurprising, how Republican politicians have lead the charge on gun control in this nation, which crazies would think are "unconstitutional", just like they lead the charge on other rollbacks of civil liberties like the Patriot Act, which in reality are unconstitutional, unlike the former laws. I too am for reasonable gun laws as stated here. I've never really been around guns. My dad owns a few, but he usually keeps them hidden, so I get nervous when I am handling a real gun.
AtheosEmanon Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fave.

I do not know where this "liberals are anti-gun" saying we do not want them heanded out like candy does not mean we are anti-gun, nor is saying we want to make sure that violent felons and the mentally unstable do not own guns... this compared to their seemingly, let everyone have guns no matter what, no background checks, no mental stability checks blah blah...

Yeah, that is cool, I have always been around them, was never much "hidden" since as stated many of my family are in law enforcement and would have their guns on their hip most of the time.
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